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BGT Compatibility Layer (bgt_compat.nvgt)

BGT Compatibility Layer

This is an include file that attempts to make old BGT games run in NVGT with minimal modifications, mainly by remapping function names and writing a few convenience wrappers. All function signatures are exactly how they would've been in BGT unless otherwise noted.

Below, you'll find a list of everything this include does, as well as a reference for what each item roughly maps to in native nVGT.

Key constants:

Math functions:

Screen reader speech:

Note that these functions don't map cleanly to how NVGT's API works. As such, substitutions will not be provided here. It is recommended that you use NVGT's built-in screen reader speech functions if you can, they're much more efficient, and much more powerful.



String functions:

String encryption/decryption:

Note that these functions don't work with existing BGT data.

UI functions: